Defend Yourself In A Fight

SFA Founder Allen J. Sachetti goes into detail on how you must react in order to Defend Yourself In A Real Street Fight. Reacting instinctively and correctly while you are under the duress of a live, vicious assault requires that you first settle 3 questions within youself.

Using SFA To Counter Muay Thai Elbows

Allen J. Sachetti teaches you here how to use the SFA "Arm Unit" to counter the Muay Thai 45 degree downward elbow and then how to use the Combat Slaps to counter the vertical upward backbow

SFA Counter Offenses

SFA Founder Allen J. Sachetti goes through a number of high percentage Boxing and Kick Boxing Attacks, teaching you how to reactively read them ahead of time and insert the proper Counter Offense to then continue on with an Offense of your own.

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What Is SFA, the Survival Fighting Axiom?


How Does SFA Enable You To Defend Yourself

Throughout history the Martial Arts have gone through development and refinement. Every Offense has led to a Counter and then a Recounter and so on. Some Arts focus on a certain aspect or aspects of fighting while others have strived for a more collective approach.

Sport Arts particularly allow only specific practices to be used in competitions that operate within the framework of certain perceptions. Wrestling has no Striking. Boxing has no Grappling. Judo shortens the time allowed on the ground while BJJ makes it endless.

Tactical Arts strive within the "Kill or be Killed" arena to practice lethal material without harming their practitioners, yet at the same time enabling them to Kill or stop from being killed when they need to survive.

All Arts defeat fear by enabling their practicioners to Instinctively and Willfully "Fight Back" when their life is being threatened. To that point "What You Fight Back With" is very important. What works "Best" against specific kinds of violence for your specific physical size, shape and ability.

This is the purpose of The Survival Fighting Axiom (SFA). What we call "Technique" has been created, adapted, evolved and refined under the duress of actual assault to quite simply deliver a "Better Way Of Fighting." Judge for yourself but the proof is in the practice of these SFA Techniques in live action experiences. Not only when you Re fresh but also when you are spent or under different kinds of stresses. 

So this why in SFA we say "Learn What Works". It is our practice to always refine, grow and improve.

Every Martial Art is great as per.the perception of it's designer. BJJ allows no hitting, no small joint manipulations but they are very deep in their development of Sensitivity, Technique and Reactions for Submission Grappling. Muay Thai primarily focuses on Striking but they do some throws without continuing on the ground. Boxing on the other hand allows no throws or even holding and breaks all clinches. Yet here we see a much deeper development in close quarters punching, faints, slips, counter punches and more.

Without their specific restricted environments Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Sambo, Judo or BJJ would never have developed the depth they possess in each of their areas of contest.MMA now strives to offer a larger realm of competition which does develop depth in certain areas but is too limited by the rules it imposes upon it's competitors.

Blade Fighting or Edged Weapon Combat are even more specifc areas of study where there are no rules to apply save one, "you must live and your attacker must ve disabled sufficiently to stop him". In this the Filipino Martial Art of Pekiti-Tirsia has delivered significant depth in way that prepares the practicioner to react instinctively in real life confrontation.

So what is the best service to you? How do you develop the Skills and Attributes you need to react the most effectively for each form of violence that you could experience and WHAT are each of those experiences like for you in your current physical and mental stature.

That's the real trick, isn't it. What should you spend your time in, to stop yourself from becoming a victim and instead enable you to become a victor in any conflict. You do not care about winning Belts or Trophees but you sure care about winning against the Thug or Thugs who threatens your wife or family.

You need to be able to deal with Strikes & Grabs Standing Up and on the Ground. With Single and Multiple attackers with or without Edged Weapons or Firearms and you want this ability now, plus be able to KEEP IT as you grow older. Well, that is SFA

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