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Survival Fighting Axiom

Learn How To Defend Yourself With SFA, The Survival Fighting Axiom. Stop & Disable Any Attacker

Stop And Disable Any Attacker Without Fear Or Hesitation

The Survival Fighting Axiom (SFA) is a different kind of "Training Process"  that enables you to Perform "More Effectively"  against a larger variety of threats. Using uniquely developed material that works better under the duress of live assaults SFA will change your reactions to violence. You will  refine functional self defense skills as you develop a greater endurance for the fight.

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Self Defense Training In Newark Delaware

Operational Effectiveness

Our Tactical Training Camps  will meet you where you are at and transform you both mentally and physically to PERFORM well under the duress of real life conflict. Striking, Grappling, Edged Weapons, Firearms, Multiple Attackers and more. Camps can be booked for Weekend, 1 Week & 3 Week Programs With 1-20 participants. Mission Specific  camps are also available for required Tactical Objectives

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Women's Self Defense. SFA, The Survival Fighting Axiom

Actual Home Invasion

WARNING: When you click the red button below it will take to a video of an actual "Home Invasion" caught by a nanny cam. This is a REAL attack of an amoral man against an innocent woman. We can train to defeat this kind of violence but it requires first your awareness.

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Survival Fighting Axiom

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